On this site, let's discuss our hydroponics and aquaponics systems, as well as our gardens. I started my aquaponics system in my garage, hence the name,

I saw a site online about how to grow self-sufficient systems needing little more than electricity. It captured my interest. I want to be able to grow food year round. And not just veggies, but other foods like fish and chicken to help lower my bills and know where my family's food is coming from. If this is something you are interested in, welcome. And, check back often, and contribute to this site. We are old school here, we use email, not click and see like social websites. Maybe someday soon we can get the traffic we need to justify that.

If you have a garden you want to show off, don't be shy. We love all things gardening. USA, LLC
3 days after bringing the system out of the garage.
3 weeks after bringing the system out of the garage.
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